TMIY Program


Have you ever been in a fraternity?  I haven't, however I always thought about joining one in college.  For me, TMIY Men's Group is a fraternity.  A fraternity for God where men can bond together and openly discuss faith, relationships, parenting and strategies to become stronger men of God, devoted husbands and inspirational Fathers.

​All men are welcome at St. Agnes TMIY Men's Group.

Keith Kelly, St. Agnes Parishioner
Spouse:  Margaret
4 Children:  Foster (24), Brendan (22), Alayna (21), Maddie ( 19)

I was gently nudged by my wife who saw the men’s program THAT MAN IS YOU in the Arlington Diocese’ newsletter.  At that particular time in my life, my priorities were “out of whack”.  My business was suffering and my highest priority was work, then my family, and finally God. Quite frankly, I was lost.

 I attended TMIY and found other men who had at some point in their lives experienced similar life struggles.  The TMIY program at Blessed Sacrament had begun 2 years earlier.  I was taken from the first visit how grounded these men were.  They talked openly about their faith and how TMIY opened the Spirit within them.  

After attending TMIY for 1 ½ years, I’m a new man.  My highest priority is God, then my wife and children, and lastly work.  TMIY is a very unique program designed for men.  It is challenging in today’s society to openly talk about our Catholic faith.   TMIY provides incredible Catholic teachings focused on bringing out the man God created and wanted us to be.  

I was so moved by TMIY that I wanted to work to assist in bringing TMIY to St. Agnes so that other men, wife’s and children could benefit. I’m honored to work with Pastor Edlefsen and several other men at St. Agnes in bringing THAT MAN IS YOU to St. Agnes.